Passive House Presentation In San Francisco Thursday 23 April

The "Hammer Man" kinetic sculpture at the Frankfurt Conference Center
The "Hammer Man" kinetic sculpture at the Frankfurt Conference Center

On Thursday 23 April (tomorrow as I write this) I will be giving a brief talk about passive houses and my recent visit to the 13th International Passive House Conference in Frankfurt last week. The talk will be in San Francisco at the Prana Restaurant on Howard St., starting at 7pm.

[I] will provide a report on the 13th International Passive House Conference… This is the premier conference on passive homes, homes so energy-efficient that they don’t require a furnace or air conditioner to keep their occupants comfortable.

This meeting is designed for those interested in green homes to meet each other and discuss the topic. It is for anyone interested in building a green home or remodeling homes with green technologies/techniques. Learn about the techniques used and meet some of the green building thought leaders in the Bay Area. Architects, professional builders, suppliers, real estate agents, and anyone else with a special love of green homes are welcome to join in the discussion to help further general knowledge and interest. A great place to meet others with similar interests!

The location is:

540 Howard St
San Francisco CA 94105

For more information, visit the Green Making Meetup site.

I hope to see some of you there!

1 thought on “Passive House Presentation In San Francisco Thursday 23 April”

  1. Hello!

    Great to see you went to the PH Conference in Frankfurt – my colleague Josh Lowe also was able to attend. Perhaps you met?

    Josh and I both took the PH consulting course in Berkeley some time ago and became Certified Passive House Consultants. Please contact me if you would like to get together for lunch to discuss new developments in PH.

    Do you ever get a chance to attend the PH meetings in Berkeley? They are very informative!

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