Green Building Salon Update

Pepperoni Pizza
Pizza - a good reason to have a salon (callme_crochet, CC 2.0 licensed)

We had our first meeting of the new Green Building salon last night, at a local pizza place. Despite a few last minute cancellations, there were enough people there to generate some excellent energy. It was an impressive group, including:

  • An architect who has built several LEED-Silver and LEED-Gold buildings
  • An interior designer whose practice has always been about “green design”
  • One attendee spent several years in Washington in the 1970s working on energy issues with Congress, then got sucked into high-tech after that first green energy bubble burst when Reagan was elected
  • One attendee has been a brand manager for numerous large consumer packaged goods companies on the East Coast, and has now come out West for a new life focusing on green.

I’ll be posting more about the salon in coming days, including deeper dives on some of the attendees, and on what actions have and will come out of the meeting.

By the way, the next salon will be on February 10 in Sunnyvale. You can get more information and RSVP here. My friend Rich Wingerter has taken over the scheduling of these, using Meetup. I hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Green Building Salon Update”

  1. How neat (or ‘cool’ as you might say). We promise to follow your flightpath carefully. Very impressed with all your activities.

  2. This is wonderful and great to be able to get together – this is just what we are trying to do with my partner’s blog is get connected and a conversation up and running when we are so isolated…but doing all this green work.

    I have to limit myself to reading one of your posts per day otherwise I would not get anything written on my blog! Very good work here and good information sharing.

    I wonder where you are located?

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